Thank you Alonzo’s Tacos

“Thank you Alonzo’s Tacos for hosting a Greet & Meet for my candidacy for Austin City Council District 3.  I had a wonderful time talking with Montopolis residents about their issues of concern.  The breakfast was delicious.” – Susana Almanza

Pictures from Buckets

“Thank you Bucket’s Deli & Sports Bar for hosting a fundraiser for my candidacy for City Council District 3. We had a wonderful time talking about property taxes, high rents, living wage of $15 hr. and other issues. Thanks to all the supporters for spreading their roots for justice, freedom and human rights.” – Susana Almanza                                                          

Official sign up for Austin City Council District 3

“I made history today! I became the first candidate to sign up under the new City Council single member district form of government! I am also the first native East Austinite Mexican American women to sign up for District 3. I have consistently brought community involvement to zoning & planning decisions, transportation, job creation, health care, education, youth development, culture, environmental justice, and the living wage effort. My ability to form alliances, effectively engage the media, and organize people, who are impacted, has enabled the Continue reading →

Campaign Contributions

Today Susana Almanza Candidate for City Council District 3 met the deadline for filing semiannual report of campaign contributions with the City Clerk as required by Title 15 of the Texas Election Code.  The Campaign received over 200 donations with a total contribution of $11,170.  We want to thank everyone for supporting justice, freedom and human rights.